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Sunex has a 3 point vision statement –

  • Growth

With immense growth in automobile and FMGC market and the ever increasing demand for quality logistics and inventory solutions Sunex plans to cater variety of industries with optimum solutions.

Our vision is to provide our clients with the latest technology in material handling and deliver the promised solution. Being on this track we constantly update our knowledge and manufacturing technologies to meet the standard our clients expect from us.

  • Focus

We focus on building up on new products to enhance our client’s experience in new methods on material handling and transport.

  • Service

After Sales service is what enhances the client’s experience with Sunex. We plan to implement enhanced after sales program to engage with clients and serve them in a best way.

The plan includes implementation of client feedback, rating of products and overall sales experience with Sunex.


Values of a company carries it a long way and creates an unforgettable reputation.

While founding Sunex we had a clear path laid by values and we made it a point that these Values would be the fundamentals of everything we do at Sunex.

Today 15+ years down the line we have strived hard to keep these values as the core of the work we do and we feel proud of our values.

  • Dependability

Sunex is one you can depend on for your material handling, logistics and inventory solutions. We are committed to provide you with the best solution without you leaving your office.

  • Efficiency

Sunex is dedicated to provide you efficient, quick and optimised service and products. We would smoothly deliver you the solution and streamline your material handling/ transport/ inventory handling solution.

  • Consistency

Sunex is consistent in delivering you only the best product and solution with no variations. We have zero tolerance for variations in the delivery of products. You would immediately notice that our products are perfect without any deviations in measurements.

OUR Mission

Sunex is driven by its mission statement.

Satisfaction | Trust | Experience


Our mission is to provide with best quality and intelligently engineered material handling and inventory solutions to our clients.

We understand that it gets increasingly challenging for our clients to transport goods safely packed so that there is a reduction in rejection rates of damaged goods, our mission is to provide reusable, efficient and safe products at lowest possible rates in the market.

We have a large range of products from trolleys, pallets, racks, conveyors and vacuum formed components which are ideal for material handling, transporting and inventory.

These products are best in class and have been helping our clients effortlessly to deliver with confidence. Which is what gives us satisfaction and happiness.


Trust takes time to build up. At Sunex we strive hard to take care that our service and products help you to build up trust on us.

Your trust is the driving force that makes us build better than the best material handling solutions for you.


Seamless ‘development to delivery’ of your material handling solutions is our prime focus. We plan and work day and night to make this experience smooth and efficient for you.


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Certified Team

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Quality & after sales

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