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A company having experience in Material Handling Equipment manufacturing, Sheet Metal Enclosures and Assembly manufacturing, Designing with latest CAD software.

A company with good infrastructural facility. A company with good manufacturing setup for fabricated steel products.



Experience is something that never fades, but how you use that experience turns you into success.  -Anoop K.

In 15+ years Sunex has grown into a company making its strong presence in material handling solutions.

Our experience in this field goes unchallenged due the fact that we have been in delivering optimised solutions that make a huge difference to our customers and their products.

We are always eager to deliver this experience as an added advantage to you, so you do not have to search for the right solutions to your material handling problems.

Our experience will help you get the right solution that too the first time, which will save you lot of time and money, because our experience will be the strong backbone of your solution.

Not all solutions answer one problem, and we understand that. We manufacture trolleys, pallets, racks and vacuum formed components that suit your requirements a ‘100% perfect’.

That is what we Commit.

Our engineering team is highly trained to understand your requirements and deliver the product that will be optimised to fit your space and make product handling easy and safe for you and your product.

Since the beginning of Sunex in 2003 we focussed our energy on delivering customised products and trained our engineers to understand the product requirements and design it to be simple,rigid and safe.

And that is what our motto says ‘SIMPLE. RIGID SAFE’.

The one thing that make niche companies associated with us is QUALITY.

Quality is the measure that we take very seriously at Sunex.

Actually, it is one of first thing that you will notice when you start using our products.

We understand that quality is what our customers expect from us and we have been delivering it by a stringent quality control policy implemented at our end.

We make it a point to review this policy and make it up to date with the market. We get feedback from our customers to understand and make necessary changes (if required).

This makes Sunex one of the finest company in material handling solutions.

We have been proving this by delivering quality products which have made value for our customers for 15+ years now.

What more?

Our quality products has been awarded with TUV certificate for Manufacture and Supply of Material Handling Equipments, Vacuum Formed Products & Assemblies.

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We provide innovative product solutions for material handling and logistics. Our professional team works to increase your productivity by securing your products in transport and inventory.

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